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Raja Tempo service is committed to give the customers entire satisfaction in terms of delivery, freight and 100% safety to their consignments. It is also committed to develop business by maintaining excellent relationship with customers, by way of involving all employees and meeting all applicable statutory requirements.

  Quality Objective :  
   Enhance customer satisfaction by way of timely delivery and and100% safety to    their goods.
 Maintain cordial relationship with customers.
 Understand the value of the customer and give due respect.
 Be honest to the business and customers.
 Maintaining the ethic required for any business and particularly in this field.
 Improve and upgrade operational methods to give the customer most efficient    and effective service forgetting not economy.
 Aim to achieve market leadership by hard work and just means.
 Keep the employees adequately empowered and motivated to work as a team to    achieve our goals.
 Create an environment which supports attainment of excellence.
 To maintain constant growth in the business turnover, thereby obtain cost    reduction, both for the customer and the company.
 To ensure proper maintenance of vehicles and have accident/breakdown free    operations.
 To see to it that complaints are kept at the lowest possible level and to ensure    that the complaint ratio is constantly reducing.